Tutorial - Tiling Texture Setup

Hi everyone!

This is a simple tutorial to help you get starting with setting up a tiling texture plane in Maya and Zbrush. We then continue on to talk about quick zbrush tips, as well as gathering reference for your next project, and general art theory. Thank you for your support and I hope you can learn a lot from these videos.

Please checkout the Intro to Zbrush Tutorial Info Guide PDF

To see what we will be covering in each video. Thanks!


If you are only interested in the videos, please feel free to checkout the series on my youtube channel.

Tiling Texture Setup Part 1



- Over 1 hour of videos!

- 5 HD Videos

- 2 Free Zbrush Alpha packs to get you started

- Tiling Texture Start ztool (+obj files)

- Zproject file and UI/Config file

1 TXT, 3 ZIP and 2 PDF
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